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Charrita Thomas



Chef Charrita Thomas is CEO and Head Chef of

T C T  Catering  &  Events.  She started cooking like most chefs at a very young age and has not stopped.  Her knowledge in the kitchen is impressive.  Chef considers herself a student of the Arts and continuous learning because just like flavors develop the industry continues to develop and change.  After finishing Culinary School at Robert Morris University Chef Charrita went from line cook, event chef, event coordinator, sous chef, and now business owner.  Chef prides herself and her company on local sourced ingredients, scratch kitchen, and superior customer service!

Juli Marie


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Juli Marie has been a Travel Consultant for the past four years. She enjoys planning and taking the burden off of her clients by providing superb customer service and being present every step of the way.  Her specialties are Cruises and Resort-Only Vacations. She’s planned everything from Family Reunions, Couple Getaways, to Solo Trips. If you are ready to hop on a plane, contact us for a consultation

Nycole Smith


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Never a dull or uninspired, Capture moments that make for the best memories.

Let  Nycole Smith Photography make the perfect memories for you and yours.

Photographer Nykki Smith, Captures life like no other. With her camera in hand, she is steady on the go. Let her capture your memories.

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